Red Bull “Dance Your Style” Lights Up Tampa

In Tampa, Florida, Red Bull Dance Your Style brought street dance to life. Dancers battled in electrifying style, with Howard “X” Word emerging victorious. Next stop: Atlanta for the National Final.

In the heart of our city, the vibrant energy of freestyle dance took center stage at the Red Bull Dance Your Style Tampa Qualifier. As the premier global event continued its 2024 U.S. season, dancers from Florida and beyond descended upon Armature Works for a night that celebrated the essence of the dance community.

Arkive Media Co. had the pleasure of capturing the electrifying moments as top dancers showcased their best moves, from voguing to locking. The event was not just a competition; it was a celebration of the diverse and dynamic art forms that make up dance culture.

Preparation and Anticipation

The excitement kicked off on Friday with a welcome party for all of the dancers hosted at WTR Cooler Studio. It was a chance for everyone to come together, connect, and gear up for the intense battles ahead. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as the bracket reveal unfolded, unveiling the competitors who would face off on the red and blue teams during the qualifier.

On Saturday before the main event, dancers made a stop at Curated Heat in Downtown St. Pete to select their outfits for the night. Every detail mattered as they prepared to not only showcase their skills but also their unique styles and personalities on Red Bull’s dance floor.

Photo credits: Tiger Tao (Arkive Media Co.)

The Main Event

The sold-out qualifier event was a spectacle to behold, co-hosted by the charismatic Venezuelan showman and MTV’s “Becoming a Pop Star” winner, Samy Hawk, alongside Litefeet dancer K-SOLE. The beats that fueled the battles came courtesy of Florida freestyler and DJ, Hans Pierre, whose music set the stage on fire.

The competition was fierce as dancers went head-to-head in a single-elimination 16-bracket tournament. Each battle was a display of creativity, skill, and passion for their craft. The fate of each battle lay in the hands of the crowd, quite literally. With their wristbands, spectators voted for their preferred dancer by choosing between blue and red.

After an intense series of battles and a tie-breaking final showdown, the crowd’s votes crowned “X”, a St. Pete native and member of the FLooridians, as the winner of the Red Bull Dance Your Style Tampa qualifier. X, who also held the title of regional champion from 2023, defended his reign with a stellar performance that left no doubt about his talent and stage presence. 

Photo credits: Red Bull Content Pool

What’s next for x

X’s journey doesn’t end here. With this win, he secures a spot in the upcoming Red Bull Dance Your Style National Final, set to take place in Atlanta on May 18. The stakes are high as the winner of the National Final will earn the opportunity to represent the USA at the prestigious Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final in Mumbai, India, happening this November.

As we reflect on the unforgettable night in Tampa, it was a pleasure for Arkive Media Co to be a part of the Red Bull Dance Your Style experience. Congratulations to Howard “X” Word, and we eagerly await to see how far he will go in the upcoming stages of this exhilarating global competition.

Photo credits: Red Bull Content Pool

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