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“Meet Your Makers” is an intimate look into the creative processes of artists from various fields. From painters to musicians, filmmakers to writers, this ongoing series takes you into the private spaces where these makers find inspiration and bring their art to life.

With behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and a glimpse into the unique workspaces of these talented individuals, “Meet Your Makers” gives viewers an exclusive look into the world of creativity and the minds of the makers who shape it.

STARRING various artists
DIRECTOR adriahnna curry
director of photographer gabe misael
camera operator cedric holloway
sound operator tiger tao
offline EDITOR tiger tao
graphic design adriahnna curry
online EDITOR gabe misael

“Meet Your Makers” Connecting Crowds with DJ/Producer B8TA
Meet B8TA, an Orlando producer and DJ. He shares insights from bedroom beats to crowd command, unraveling the art of creating beats and captivating audiences.
“Meet Your Makers” Digital Art Debate with Meyday Hansen
Miami digital artist, Meyday Hansen shares insights on his creations and tackles the authenticity debate in the digital art realm in this episode.
“Meet Your Makers” Visionary Videographer Charles Wheatle
In this installment of Meet Your Makers, we sit down with Orlando's very own visionary videographer, Charles Wheatle, who shares his insights on the relentless
“Meet Your Makers” featuring Paige Kiefer
In this episode of "Meet Your Makers," we meet Paige Kiefer, also known as Picassa Paints, an Orlando-based painter. Paige takes us on a journey
“Meet Your Makers” Embracing Artistic Freedom with Barely Legal
Barely Legal shares the story of their formation, creative process, and the importance of embracing artistic freedom in "Meet Your Makers".
“Meet Your Makers” The Creative Mind of Sir Fetti
Explore the creative mind of Sir Fetti, visionary Miami designer and founder of Fifty Karats, in this episode of "Meet Your Makers".
“Meet Your Makers” Embracing Artistic Imperfections with ColaCokes
Cola Cokes shares her live painting journey, offering advice on embracing imperfections and finding purpose through art.
“Meet Your Makers” Broad Creative Landscape with GoodwithSub
Goodwithsub, a versatile artist from central Florida, shares insights into photography techniques and ongoing projects in this episode.
“Meet Your Makers” Signature Style of Trippyville
Dive into the captivating world of Orlando's Trippyville. Explore his inspiring journey, signature art style, and words of wisdom for aspiring artists.
“Meet Your Makers” Journey into Jewelry Design with ABA Jewels
Aja, founder of ABA Jewels, shares her journey into the fashion industry, jewelry design, and the meaning behind her favorite crystals.
“Meet Your Makers” Redefining Vegan Food with Adriana Casiano
We're in the kitchen with Adriana Casiano for this episode. Based in Tampa, Adriana is a talented vegan chef, exploring her journey towards veganism
“Meet Your Makers” Screen-Printing and Clothing Design with Mango Wavin
Explore how Zach Lacour, founder of Mango Wavin, reached new heights in screen-printing and clothing design.
“Meet Your Makers” Artistic Collaborations and Aspirations with Reyna Noriega
From collaborations with major brands to future aspirations, discover the talent behind Reyna Noriega's incredible body of work in the first episode of "Meet Your


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