Mikey More “The Next Big Thing Outta Broward”

Mikey sees one word dominating the next few years: CREATE. The Broward County native isn't up next, he's up NOW.

Broward County native, Mikey More, began rapping around the sixth grade and feels like he established himself by his first year of high school. “I’ve been interested in music since I was a jit,” he says. “My mom was crazy about Jay-Z, JJ Fad, and The Fugees, so I had a pretty solid foundation there. The LimeWire era really got me more into music.”

Another legacy that has lasted for years is that of Mikey’s high school peers. “My friends supported me starting to rap in high school. They became the ones who pushed me to go further with it,” he explains. “I know that I’m skilled and I told myself that I have the potential. Once people that I didn’t know started telling me they were listening to and enjoying my music, that really solidified it for me.”

"One fan can turn into ten, which can turn into one hundred. All it took was some random stranger to let me know that they f*ck with me, even though, in my mind, I already know what time it is.”

Mikey sees one word dominating the next few years: CREATE. A project is on the way soon, and it’ll be here before summer. It’s not farfetched to wonder if some of Mikey’s dream collaborations, like with Mick Jenkins over a Hit-Boy beat or with Blueface over a BigHead beat, might come to fruition sooner than expected. Who knows, Chance might be cooking up a collaboration via Twitter as you read this.

No matter what the future holds, Mikey has a tunnel vision to his craft. “At the end of the day, it’s your art. It’s supposed to be a piece of you, so don’t let anyone fuck up your vision. Never stop creating! The streams and money ain’t the motivation; the progression is.”

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