Mieux Mag Launches New Digital Library Initiative, “Arkive”

Meet the team who made the digital library initiative, "Arkive" possible for launch.

meet the team who made the digital library initiative possible for launch

Arkive is a digital library that documents the stories of artists from all across the world. Beginning with Florida, their objective is to tell stories creatively using cross-media. They produce their own media series, hold photoshoots, and so forth.

Adriahnna Curry, founder of arkive, designs graphics and logos, edit videos, post-production edits and animations, manages the website and runs the social media accounts. She started Mieux Mag almost immediately after graduating from high school 10 years ago, with no expertise in graphic design, event organizing, or anything else in the artistic realm. After a successful run with Mieux and annual award shows that brought out the full cast state, Adriahnna chose to leave it behind and create arkive, wanting to concentrate on video and actually capture the story of artists while they are in their element and not limited to the state of Florida.

Last December, she had the concept idea and approached Ced about shooting the content, and now, 8 months later, they are ready to launch.

"It's amazing to look back + see how much i was able to accomplish for myself, artists, and florida’s creative scene in general. but after nine years, i felt that it was time to start something new!” - Adriahnna Curry

Arkive’s director, Cedric Holloway has been working in the film/production industry for roughly 5 years, collaborating with local artists on content production and brand development outside of arkive with beach day H.Q  as the management label. In December 2020, Ced was approached by Adriahnna about a new project she was working on and decided to join Arkive, excited about the idea of sharing people’s stories through a wide range of creative content.

"The last few months of growing as a multi media team has been amazing. I’ve met so many new people and have learned a lot about myself as a creator." - Cedric Holloway

Gabe Misael joined at the beginning of June 2021 and before then, has been dabbling for the past 6 years in photography and film production, as well as other forms of visual media with the use of film and digital media. Aware of Adriahnna’s past Mieux work, Gabe joined the team because he was captivated by the unique arkive idea, which combines video creation and photography.

The company stated that their future goal was to travel around the state and even internationally doing events, as well as to create more content as a team and help artists succeed in this social media-driven climate. The company also said that people should expect more content as they have been to Miami and plan on shooting in Orlando in September.

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