Florida’s Femme Artisans Redefining Handmade Fashion in 2024

Dive into Florida's handmade revolution with Gerb.World, Le Onyx, and Helena Beetle—femme artisans shaping 2024's fashion narrative with sustainable elegance and unapologetic style.

In the vibrant landscape of Florida’s fashion scene, a trio of talented designers is making waves with their handmade clothing brands. Gerb.World, Le Onyx, and Helena Beetle, all based in different parts of the Sunshine State, share a commitment to crafting unique, sustainable, and ethically produced fashion pieces. We caught up with them to delve into their journeys, evolution, and exciting plans for the year ahead.

Gerb.World: Elevating Ethical Fashion

Gerb.World, hailing from South Florida, has always been a champion of ethical fashion and sustainable practices. In the upcoming year, the brand is set to elevate these principles to new heights. The founder expresses, “I’ve always focused on ethical fashion & sustainable practices, but this year I plan to take it to a whole new level.”

Gerb.World’s focus will shift towards crafting one-of-a-kind pieces using dead stock fabrics, thrifted materials, and other unconventional sources. The goal is not just fashion but a statement of sustainability. “In the past few years, I aimed to be a worldwide brand, but this year my focus has directed towards developing myself as a high-end designer & continuing to progress my technical skills,” adds the visionary behind Gerb.World.

Le Onyx: Moody Maturity and Unapologetic Style

Moving to Tampa, we find Le Onyx, a brand that has undergone a remarkable evolution, transitioning into something mature and grown, yet retaining its unapologetic spirit. The designer behind Le Onyx, Mallory Pineda, shares, “My brand has really evolved into something mature and grown. It’s still unapologetic. Lé Onyx has always been moody, so it never really had a particular style. We create based on feels.” 

As for the tantalizing new projects in 2024, they remain shrouded in mystery – “You’ll just have to wait & see 😉 Of course, new designs, but we’re taking Lé Onyx to a whole another level.”

Helena Beetle: Earthy Edginess and Editorial Excellence

In St. Pete, Bari, a maestro of handmade knitwear, has found her groove as a designer while working on her brand, Helena Beetle. Reflecting on the past year, she remarks, “I think I’ve really stepped into my groove as a designer! I’ve developed my own signature styles that walk the line between earthy and edgy, and I’m loving playing with those themes.” 

Helena Beetle is set to continue it’s journey of creating editorial masterpieces, with a special highlight being the upcoming showcase at Tampa Connect Fashion Week this March. The anticipation builds as we await the unveiling of her latest creations.

As these three remarkable designers redefine handmade fashion in Florida, 2024 promises to be a year of innovation, sustainability, and unapologetic self-expression. Stay tuned as we witness the unfolding stories of Gerb.World, Le Onyx, and Helena Beetle, crafting dreams and leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion.

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