CHKN + BEER is Where Music, Comfort, and Creativity Collide

Orlando collective CHKN + BEER thrives as a symbol of unity and creativity. A fusion of music and community, their legacy echoes through eclectic events.

In the vibrant landscape of music collectives, where creativity thrives and friendships flourish, one group stands out for their unique blend of sounds and camaraderie. With a name that evokes comfort and a spirit that embraces diversity, CHKN + BEER continues to redefine what it means to curate unforgettable experiences.

Following our exclusive interview with Jahlissa, also known as JAHCOOLASS, we delve into the conception, journey, and memorable moments of this dynamic collective. As she so eloquently puts it, “Surround yourself with people who motivate you and want you to be your best self.”

The Birth of CHKN + BEER

“CHKN + BEER is a collective of musicians and the title of all the events we coordinate,” Jahlissa explains. The genesis of this eclectic group was as spontaneous as it was inspired. Jahlissa, alongside her friend Anglesh, found themselves drawn to the idea after being inspired by the energy of Boiler Room. The seed was planted, and soon, conversations with friends turned into a resounding “Let’s do it.”

The inaugural event of CHKN + BEER was more than just a gathering; it was a testament to their vision. “The first event as a collective was the best CHKN + BEER ever,” Jahlissa reminisces. Set in a cozy house, the lineup boasted names like Alfonso, Metvl Mouth, Anti-Keith, and Anglesh. It was an impeccable blend of sounds, community, and shared passion.

Like any ambitious endeavor, CHKN + BEER faced challenges. “Being broke and people not believing in the vision,” Jahlissa reflects. Yet, with determination and a steadfast belief in their craft, they found a way. “We found the money, and people pulled up. We proved them wrong.”

Music, Friendship, and Comfort

So, what’s the story behind the name? “We wanted people to come and feel like they’re in a safe space,” she explains. It’s about more than just music; it’s about creating an atmosphere where people can let loose, enjoy good food, and great tunes.

Reflecting on their journey, Jahlissa shares some of her favorite memories. “When we went to New York, that was beautiful.” Traveling with friends and creating an event in a new state was proof of their passion and hard work. Another highlight was deejaying for MXRKT in Miami during Art Basel, an experience that showcased their talents on a grander stage.

Curating events outside their home turf came with its own set of challenges. “Trying to grab creatives from another state and venues not knowing us,” Jahlissa explains. Yet, with the help of friends and a relentless drive, they navigated these hurdles. “You only live once, so why not try it?” she muses, encapsulating their fearless approach.

The Future of CHKN + BEER

As CHKN + BEER continues to evolve and expand its horizons, Jahlissa and her team remain dedicated in their commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration. With an unwavering belief in the potential of every individual, she encourages aspiring DJs and event organizers to embrace authenticity, persevere in the face of adversity, and surround themselves with a supportive community.

“Practice, show love at events, and be yourself,” she advises. It’s about authenticity and perseverance. “Whatever you imagine, you can actually execute it,” she assures, a mantra that has guided CHKN + BEER on their journey.

CHKN + BEER shines bright as a testimony to the power of passion, friendship, and a shared love for good music and good vibes. Keep an eye on CHKN + BEER as they embark on new adventures and endeavors. One thing remains certain: they will continue to resonate, enriching lives and igniting souls with the transformative magic of music.

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