10 Under 10K: Women’s History Month 2024

This Women's History Month, we shine a spotlight on the incredible artists, photographers, writers, and creators who are making waves with their talent and vision.

Women’s History Month, observed each March, is a significant time dedicated to honoring the remarkable contributions, achievements, and struggles of women throughout history. It’s a reminder of the lasting impact women have made, from historical trailblazers to today’s activists and innovators.

This month, we’re shining a bright spotlight on the incredible artists, photographers, writers, and creators who are making waves with their talent and vision. These are the names you should know, even if they don’t have a massive following yet. They’re the voices shaping our culture, challenging norms with their creativity.

Name: sydney hall
MEDIUM: fashion - jewelry
INSTAGRAM: @syd.shine

Sydney Hall, founder of Syd Shine, creates one-of-a-kind jewelry celebrating individuality. From childhood DIYs to empowering collaborations, her designs uplift women.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
“Dang I’m cute af” lol

Since I was young, one of my main priorities was expressing my individuality through fashion. I didn’t wanted to be in a world where someone looked like me or had what I have, because we are all unique. I never bought cheap jewelry knowing it wouldn’t last past a week, so if I wanted to take my look to the next level I had to make my own. I remember in middle school making earrings and necklaces out of random office supplies like paper clips and thumb tacks and being like “this s*** is HARD!”. That high of making something so exclusive just made me want to push myself and the boundaries of what jewelry can be.

My passion for fashion really knows no bounds and often I think about where else I can incorporate my jewelry in my look head to toe. I would love to start creating sustainable jewelry for unconventional purposes.. earrings that hold your vape and lipgloss, shoe chains that keep you from slipping like tire chains.. It all sounds funny but in reality I think it would really be helpful, fun, and super cute!

I think it’s very important to let children know that everything is possible and to support their ambitions and aspirations. My niece is one of my favorite people, she’s so smart and I always tell her she can run the world! I made us matching bracelets and I wear it everyday. Although it’s just a small, simple piece; it stands as a reminder to myself to set an example for her and other young minds. As a full-time entrepreneur, I feel it’s my job to push the message that you don’t have to participate in the rat race. Your creations can carry you through anything if you set your mind to it.

I channel a lot of femininity through my art; most pieces I make is ‘for the girls’ because I know there’s not many things just for us. As a female creator, I know what it takes/ how hard it is to maintain a business as well as a personal life. I want to uplift the females in my community and to encourage them to come to me for any assistance or advice but also as a friend. As for physical collaborations, I’m working with a few women-owned brands such as Helena Beetle to create new unique designs, empowering women through fashion.

Syd Shine designs are one of a kind jewelry to promote the individual in you! This high quality jewelry takes any look to the next level; with plenty of unisex accessories, everyone can find a unique piece made just for them. Syd Shine offers an assortment of rare rings, 1 of 1 necklaces and earrings, beautiful arm cuff and more! Looking for a personalized piece? Clients are also able to order custom jewelry for any occasion!


Spirit.Gze’s music speaks of resilience and identity, a fusion of lessons learned and uncharted experiences waiting to unfold.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
I am here. Against all odds. Against adverse wishes of others. I am here. I am a cluster fuck of everything that I’ve learned and everything I havent lived yet.

I sang in my parent’s church. I remember I was so little and they were first starting out. I wasn’t tall enough to reach the podium mic. Of course, it was my job to sing a solo. If you have talent and you were raised in the church, they will find a way for you to perform lol. My dad lifted me up so I could be heard. I remember looking out and filling in the empty chairs with standing people clapping. My imagination ran WILD when I was child. It still does. I remember that so vividly that it almost makes me want to cry. It sounds like a movie about ‘Just how it happened’ When I was much older, it really solidified for me when my high school music theory teacher, Ms.G, brought it out of me. I was composing through the fear. Performing through the fear. Exploring new genres through the fear. She taught me a big chunk of what I know today. Then, my high school choir director taught me how to direct. That was back when I still thought I would be a music professor one day. It wasnt until after high school when ALL OF THAT clicked. I’m supposed to be all of it.

I will gather an entire orchestra. I will start by directing the choir, then I’ll allow another director to carry on in my place while I walk over to the piano and play along with the orchestra. Then, a pianist will take over, then I’ll start singing opera. Let it echo through the room. Once I feel good and ready, I’ll start rapping. Then, eventually singing. The entire time, a video of me writing is playing in the background. It’s my musical carrier all on one stage.

Seasons! I have a single called Seasons and it is my absolute baby! The way the song came to get her was so magical. I was walking my dog in Atl and I heard a melody. Do- da- do-do- da -do-do, which is how the song starts. Then, I kept repeating “did I cramp your style, cuz you’re just a fly girl” I walked in the house while still singing it to myself. My girlfriend eventually goes “what the hell is that?” Lol we immediately jumped in the studio and she started curating the beat. As I was filling in the blanks for lyrics, I challenged myself. “Make Frank Ocean proud” If he heard this, would he be proud of your lyrics. With that challenge in mind, I made my baby, Seasons. As a writer, we pull from many different things. Different stories. Shows. Adventures. Imagination. Our reality. That’s how Seasons was created and I’m incredibly proud of it.

I used to love collaborating. All of my early music career was spent with other women just sitting around, filling days with music. I played in a small band of women back in 2019, I believe it was. I never forgot how that made me feel. I think the sexiest thing a woman can do is learn how to play an instrument. Now, I would say my journey is a bit solo. Things happen in this industry that can give you a bit of PTSD and if you aren’t careful, you’ll turn into a Nicki verse “Who I wanna work with? Nobody. 99% of them is nobody lol. I try to give myself grace because the reality is it’s natural to not trust the presence of others after being hit hard. But I’ve always been a bit of a loner so I wasn’t complaining much. I let myself be alone to heal because I love women and I knew it was very possible for my subconscious mind to become resentful. Through this whole rollercoaster of an experience, my girlfriend and one of the best producers in Tampa, Kay Dank, was there the entire time. She never let me forget who the fuck I was and it’s why I’m getting back on the saddle when it comes to working with women again. So far, I’ve gotten reconnected with women who I’ve seen before in the city but never got the chance to truly connect, and meeting new talented women. I’m having fun and I’m blessed to heal through any and everything.


Elani Mia’s art journey began in 2018, transitioning from graphic design to a passionate relationship with painting and printmaking.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
“This is all real. All of the feelings that you have endured and going to experience are just the beginning.”

I started making art in 2018, and I was actually enrolled at a community college for graphic design. But funny story, the college I was attending didn’t have a degree in fashion design and graphic design was the next best thing. So from there, I took all of my art classes the first semester (drawing, painting, and print making) and I actually was in love with what I was doing. I was so motivated and felt so seen. I was a creative child in grade school but this was more of a real relationship with the art that I was making.

When I was living in New York, I was fortunate enough to see the Karl Lagerfield exhibition at the MOMA. That was peak gratification for him, even after his death and being appreciated at one of the most esteemed art museums. I would love now to create something like that. To enter in my world of chaos and my art style would be insane. I feel like my art and installation would fit right in with the MOMA as well.

At my second art show, A Sweet Escape, I had an installation that was called “The Meadow”. I had about 30 flower vases on the floor that had handmade flower bouquets. I also had a wall of little circle bubbles made out of glass that had a beta fish in each one, and two giant digital prints on the wall that represented a lake. I was so proud of my execution. I felt in that moment of completion, I was actually proud of my work. I really hope I continue to make meaningful work like that.

SO IMPORTANT. I recently just had an ALL WOMENS EXHIBITION called Pretty Women in 2023. It was honestly my most successful show so far and I really think it was successful because of the female artists I had involved. I can’t stress how sweet it was to have only females in an art show. Their ideas and just their attention to detail made it so much better than I could imagine.


Aleia, a mixed media artist and tattooist, finds solace in art, aiming to create spaces for healing and empowerment through creativity.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
“Life has been painful, but in this heartache I found my strength and in that strength I found a heart of gold, my biggest treasure.”

I come from a crazy home, things were truly never peaceful. My family loves me but they were definitely going thru their own battles and I got caught in the middle of them all. I started drawing when I was 3, that was my first introduction to art. I never let the pencil go afterwards. Art was and has always been my escape, the place where I find peace. In that space I also found myself, and I found a lot of love, I was allowed to be anyone I wanted here; I found the romance for life here. I truly dont understand the world any other way. I love every art form so much, I find reason for all of the darkness in the world in the space of creation, I also finder a deeper understanding of the light there is still left in the world in this space. As humans we are meant to create, we are meant to feel things, and we are meant to rebel and as an artist that has had more than a taste of experience I will never be able to let it go. This is who I am and who I have always been in every life time and I dont think anything could ever convince me that art isnt a reason to exist. For me its truly the very reason I breathe. I think the way I view the world is very important and that thought really keeps me going. I want the rest of the world to also fall in love with the art of existing because then people will turn inwards and heal and in turn outwards to heal others, I think that will make the world a better place and art is the place to start because this is where humans are allowed to feel anything and everything all at once with no rules or bounds.

I am working towards being a creative director for concerts and music festivals, since I love every part of art so much I think this is where I can indulge in everything at once along side humans that wish to feel that same connection and human experience. I always think about the wars and all the sad things going on in the world and I know I cant stop them from happening. But I can surely create spaces where people laugh, dance, cry, fall in love, and get inspired. Spaces for people to be who ever they want to be, spaces for people to feel human.

This might not be the exact answer that is being searched for here because I’m sure people talk about a painting or song or poem they have done. I’ve done all those things but I truly feel like my best creation has been my tattoo studio. I created a space for women to feel safe. For women to come as they are, to express whatever they are feeling and to create something beautiful with that energy. I definitely appreciate men a lot, I have many friends and I do have male clients but creating a space by a woman for women has been so absolutely empowering and the energy and love I have received in this space has been overwhelmingly beautiful. I have found so much healing here – not only for my clients but for myself and it took a lot of hard work, tears and determination for me to be the woman that can be strong enough to not only create this space but be the foundation for so many lovely humans to enjoy. My studio has been up and running since January now and began in December after only 5 months of tattooing. I can happily say that I have tattooed 100+ beautiful humans and its an honor to say ill be a part of their skin forever and they will be a part of my growth and journey forever too.

THIS IS EVERYTHING TO ME! My whole entire business is surrounded by this! I am more than empowered in this space, I am whole and I feel like I am doing everything I am meant to be doing. Women truly make the world go round and to be able to create a space for them is the most fulfilling and motivating feeling I have ever felt

As a mixed media artist who is more focused on her business for now, just know in the background I am creating so much more for the world 💗

MEDIUM: fashion - MODEL

Fashion model Kayla Gamble finds inspiration from sustainable thrifting and creative collaborations, pushing boundaries in her craft with each project.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
“There is more to me than what first meets the eye.”

I have been into fashion for as long as I can remember. I would watch America’s Next Top Model with my mom when I was super young and was so inspired by the models’ drive and their unique styles. As I got older and came to know myself more, I’ve found a sense of style that makes me feel unique but confident.

I would blend my two greatest passions: nutrition and fashion. Recently, I’ve noticed a spike in the popularity of accessories. Accessories are a major aspect of my style, and I pride myself in being a very health conscious individual. However, since the only link between the two right now are pieces like FitBits or Apple Watches, I’d like to make a more fashionable, discreet jewelry line that would connect your pieces to your device—tracking your nutritional statistics throughout the day.

I would say the shoot I did last year with the amazing photographer @mknoxmedia I thrifted the entire look as I wanted something sustainable. I took a hiatus from connecting with my creative side and that shoot represents stepping back into my creativity and pushing myself outside of the box I once thought I had to be in.

It’s so important to collaborate with other female artists. I am so aligned with my feminine energy and love being around it. I have been able to build so many beautiful relationships with female artists through the creative space in Tampa. The women I have met have helped me become more confident in my craft and pursuing my goals.

Thank you for creating this space for artists to share their work! I am still on a journey of learning more about myself and what I enjoy but fashion has always been a focal point of how I show who I am. I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone the most last year and was part of NYFW’23. Being surrounded by so many likeminded people was not only inspiring but pushed me to continue working on my craft.

Photo by @rollingstonee
Photo by @mknoxmedia
MEDIUM: fashion - designer
INSTAGRAM: @kendalloliviaevans

Through her art, Kendall embraces standing out and being true to herself, sending a message of fearlessness and self-expression.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
“I’m not afraid to stand out and be myself!”

I don’t think there was a specific moment or anything – I just always loved drawing outfits in my notebooks when i was a little kid. I also loved Bratz (still do) which sparked an interest in a different style of clothing compared to Barbie and the other dress up dolls that were out at the time. Growing up, I spent a lot of time looking at magazines and red carpet events on TV and fell in love with it all. Especially when the internet/social media became a really big deal, that’s when I became obsessed.

I’d would love to work on a custom outfit for a celebrity for a red carpet event! I love clothing with lace and studs and spikes because i love the mix of feminine and masculine. I really enjoy working on dresses and skirt sets so I would have to do a dress with some sort of a delicacy that shows a soft side to bring out femininity but add a lot of metal details to show the power and strength of the garment and of the celebrity wearing it. Lady Gaga comes to my mind for sure.

My S/S 2023 bikinis! That was the craziest project i’ve ever done and the biggest learning experience. Since I live in Florida, swimwear is a necessity. However, my style is very edgy and some people say it’s very gothic so I wanted to design bikinis for the goth girlies! I just got sick of seeing floral or tie dye bikinis and I wanted to do my own thing. I had never done swimwear before and the process was so insane. It taught me a lot of patience but let me express myself and my style! It was a huge accomplishment for me and everyone loved it! I completely sold out. Goth girls love the beach too!!!

It’s SO SO SO important. I am a huge feminist and I am very meticulous about who I work with. I make sure that the people I bring into my creative process are not only talented but loving, encouraging, and stand for and with the girlies. There’s so many things happening in the world right now and I think women need each other now more than ever. We must be kind and lift each other up through anything and everything. With love and compassion, we can do anything we put our mind to.

Name: Nia Lashae
MEDIUM: nail artist
INSTAGRAM: @nia.thenailfairy

Nia Lashae aka The Nail Fairy, found her calling through a friend’s nail art, leading to a transformative journey in beauty and entrepreneurial success.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
“Phuck what the world may think, do what makes you happy!”

My friend Kayla got me HOOKED on getting my nails done! In high school, she’d have the coolest nails and recommended me to an artist by the name of Kelly Kouture. My aunt suggested I go to beauty school with her, and since I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, I decided to go and it changed my life.

Wellllllllllll 😈 since fashion was my first passion (Bratz Girlie) a collab fashion show with Betsey Johnson would be amazing! Her brand is unique, fun, and loud! I’ve always loved her products, especially the jewelry. I’d want to design pieces, style the models, do their nails ofc, and walk in the fashion show myself!

That is extremely hard! I can’t answer that one lollll. Sets I love making the most would have to be ones that are themed and I have full creative freedom. But to pick ONLY ONE is crazy; I cannot.

I love collaborating with women and it’s extremely important to me because women already don’t have the same respect and opportunities as men. It’s unfortunate but it’s still very much a thing in the big year of 2024… It helps my creative process because I’m able to help women feel good about themselves and walk around with my art on their nails.

I’d like to add a likkle token of motivation! I know it’s sounds cliche but seriously.. NEVER GIVE UP. Times may get very hard, you may get discouraged, things don’t always go as you planned.. but trust in yourself, trust in your talents, and most importantly trust in God. You were blessed with that gift for a reason, do it and do it with purpose. Don’t let ANYBODY tell you different. It’s your gift for a reason. If you want to book with me my booking link is in my bio on Instagram, and I’m also taking orders for press ons 💅🏽 thank you so much 🧚🏽‍♀️

Name: Romii Rae
MEDIUM: entertainment/events
INSTAGRAM: @romiirae

Romii Rae, founder of Vibes Texas, empowers overlooked creatives in Dallas, fostering a community of 500+ artists over the past 6 years.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
“The People’s Champ, bridging the gap.”

Moving to the big city of Dallas from my hometown was tough and I was searching for a place to grow. The city inspired me to be better and do more. Meeting so many like minded creatives that I felt were overlooked inspired me to start getting them all together and helping them however I could. 6 years later, I have a respectable platform and have worked with 500+ creatives.

I would love to complete a Ladies Tour sometime soon. With nothing, but lady artists, business owners and creatives. Being a woman, I think putting more women in the position to win is just natural.

My ladies event, “Purrrszn” is one of my favorite event series that I started 2 years ago. Seeing all of the women come together and be praised is beautiful every time.

There’s nothing like being told by another woman that you are doing great or even the love and support. Working with other women helps me learn and grow.

Name: Lauren Patterson
MEDIUM: art - ceramics

With her ceramic art, Lauren Patterson creates a world of her own by meticulously crafting unique pieces inspired by intuition and passion, embodying her creative journey.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
“Hi, although I am you, I am them too.”

I started in the beginning of the pandemic. For the most part, I genuinely tapped in because I love art. I trusted my intuition and went from there. Ordered a wheel from Walmart and got started.

I’d love to create an exhibit of my own world. All ceramic end tables, furniture , and other ceramic miscellaneous items!

I have a lot of favorites so that quest is difficult. How I see it, my business is my greatest accomplishment, my special place. I have put so much time and effort into who I am and how I want to be seen.

It’s a necessity for me. My whole life has been surrounded by women. Especially with me learning through womanhood. I feel like it’s so important to have companions in inn your field especially because you can not only take away experience but to also provide protection.

MEDIUM: photography
INSTAGRAM: @@s33thrume

Kendall’s transformative journey into photography started in Atlanta, captivated and inspired by a vibrant community art scene experience that changed her perspective forever.

If your art could speak for itself, what would it say?
“Can you feel it?”

So, my journey began when I moved to Atlanta. I literally moved there with my car, clothes, & a mf dream bitch! The specific moment for me that really kicked off my journey & made me KNOW I was meant for this was the very first show I went to in ATL at The Masquerade (an honorable mention; Santiago purp was DJing for SidShyne) & it was so lit. The community art scene was so full of love, everyone was so stylish & cool it was a beautiful moment fr. I met Playboi Carti’s DJ that night. The fact it was so simple for me to run into someone with high influence like that was my moment of clarity.

Wow, this is such a good question. Hm. My dream project would be to shoot with Sza & have her in a faerie themed type of set, like how she did for the Good Days music video. I’d want a lot of green, all the mushrooms, all the bubbles, glitter – make it like a wonderland, if you will. I’d make her wear a white distressed type of outfit mixed with earth tones and I’d have her body glistening so when the lights hit her she literally sparkles. 💖 It’s giving faerie swamp princess okay!

Honestly, it wasn’t even a creation. Theres a picture I have on my feed of my mother & I… & I just adore the picture because she’s genuinely happy & loving me wholeheartedly. You can feel the love in the picture & it’s just so special to me because my mom is a lot older and we didn’t have the best relationship growing up so for my inner child to see us at this point, it just touches me so different. Anyone who really knows me, knows my mom was my biggest battle. So this is like a trophy to me.

Dude, I literally made a post this morning because all the models I’ve worked with have been MEN??? Excuse me, no. We’re changing the trajectory here & we are incorporating nothing but Venusian energy here. I think it’s so important to incorporate women and use women empowerment within your craft, because we are creativity. We were put on this universe to create – not only art but to create life and I think that speaks for itself. My biggest goal is to make women feel comfortable in their skin and to feel comfortable behind the camera because every woman on this earth deserves to feel beautiful no matter their circumstances, what they’re going through, or how they’re feeling. It’s so different when another woman compliments my outfit compared to a man and I also think that speaks for itself. Anything without that women’s touch – what is it really?

I do have a statement I’d like to share with the collective. “If it makes you anxious, jump head first into it.”

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