The Future of Fashion is Confident + Comfortable

Lé Onyx was created for bold women who wish to broaden their fashion and style horizons, while feeling sexy and empowered.

From painting and experimenting with music, to thrifting and repurposing clothing – Mallory Pineda has been a creator for as long as she can remember. After discovering a deeper interest in fashion design specifically, Mallory studied it and taught herself to sew. She then embarked on the rewarding journey of creating her brand Lé Onyx in Tampa, FL. Lé Onyx translates to “The Black”. It is a nod to Pineda’s favorite color as well as the Onyx stone, which is known for its calming, balancing, and protecting properties.

Lé Onyx was created for bold women who wish to broaden their fashion and style horizons, while feeling sexy and empowered. Mallory travels and her experiences during vacation provide fresh perspective and serve as inspiration for her distinct designs. Her most recent collection, for spring and summer seasons, was inspired by a trip to Cozumel, Mexico, where her father is from. Lé Onyx nurtures and rouses confidence and comfort, and was created for women of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Lé Onyx ushers completely new elements into the fashion industry. Mallory is always considering what fashion will look like in the future as she creates her next piece. “Lé Onyx brings a sense of uniqueness [to the world of fashion]. It’s a breath of fresh air, designed to be very wearable.”

Mallory’s latest collection was sold out immediately. The Lé Onyx Spring/Summer 2022 collection was presented at a fashion show in late January, hosted by its creator. Preparation for this event served as a metamorphosis opportunity for Mallory, as well as her work. “I’ve [definitely] learned that I actually work well under pressure. [It’s also affirmed my quality of] being very business oriented.” 

What was the inspiration for the “unreleased”  collection?
I was inspired by a top I designed a couple years ago. It had chains, and hooks attached to it and I wanted to go for more of an edgy look for the swim collection. I also got inspired by the junkyard.


Is intimate wear + swim wear harder to create than other pieces?

TBH, it’s really easy to create bikinis! It takes very little fabric and all you need is 3 triangle pieces and that’s it…..but I will say designing/creating intimate wear is another ballgame lol. It’s a lot more construction and detailed work – knowing what fabric to choose from, what to design, what inspired it and what story you’re trying to tell.


○ How important is it to you that your styles are versatile for all body shapes and sizes?

It’s always my main focus! Because I’m not your average chick. I am one of a kind and I like to show that I am true to my craft by saying “it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to not look like others”. Nobody is perfect so why not make clothes for the imperfect, unique person.


○ What can we expect from your rebrand? What’s changing?EVERYTHING! logo, designs/ideas, packaging , branding… and maybe even a POP UP SHOP down the road.


○ What’s a lesson or skill you’re currently learning?

I’m learning more construction and I’m also learning to market more. I always felt like I didn’t do much of that so I’m organizing a way I can be more efficient.


○ Do you have any goals for 2023 yet? Personal + for the brand..?

Always striving to be a better person everyday(!!!) and to live a healthy lifestyle. As for the brand, I’m trying to see Lé Onyx in stores or another fashion show.

“Being guided in [God’s] footsteps keeps me sane and balanced in this world.”

Mallory’s passion for her work shines through in every piece. Each design debuted demonstrates a unique modernization of its creator’s original concepts. What keeps the Lé Onyx creator balanced throughout her endeavors, and navigating the insanity that life can be sometimes? “I believe in God and praying,” Mallory shares.

We look forward to the future of Lé Onyx, and what designs Mallory has to come.

"Real fashion to me is being your authentic self, staying true to your craft, and knowing you don’t have to try hard when it comes to fashion."

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