Lé Onyx Fashion Show 2022

Designer Mallory Pineda, creator of Le Onyx, shares the story behind her latest collection and gives exclusive details about her debut sold out show.

Watch footage from the 2022 Le Onyx Fashion Show. In our interview below, Designer Mallory Pineda, creator of Le Onyx, talks about her debut fashion show, the story behind her official collection and exclusive details about what happened before and after her sold out show.

Hi Mallory! Congratulations on your successful launch. You started the year strong with your anticipated Le Onyx fashion show. How did you feel about your first show? What was going through your head before the seats started filling up?

I felt excited and anxious at the same time, because I’ve been dying to showcase my work and wanted everything to go smoothly. My heart started racing and I was putting on my outfit and I was saying to myself “this is happening, I f***ing did it! Like, you did this Mallory”.

I’m so happy for you and I hope you never forget that moment, it’s definitely captured in some of the photos from that night. Let’s talk about BTS, you were calm amongst some chaos. How did you pull through and what happened?

I went in with a calm mindset because I know myself.. My adrenaline would start kicking in and all my moods would come lol. It started off a little crazy trying to get everything organized and getting models into makeup. I was more pressed for time but once I got my makeup done and saw all the models ready I was feeling at ease.

It didn’t seem like you had much to worry about, everything went smoothly.. You even started the show early.

It may have seemed like that but I was worried about the guests and if the front end was being handled since I was backstage. Once the show was over, I was getting comments left and right about how they enjoyed it and how they loved the designs. So I was “okay things went well!” And I felt like it was only right to start the show in the evening. There’s something intimate about that.

I loved the diversity and the female energy surrounding that evening, even the artists who showcased their work.

The female energy was electrifying! I got 3 of the closest people I knew who were artists and they happened to be women . I thought it would be cool to showcase their art for everybody to see and know them. I truly support and love their art, genuinely.

You and your family were public about the special person you were dedicating your show to.

Yes! My dad. I lost my dad last year to cancer so I dedicated the collection and show to him. To be honest, my mom surprised me with my older brother and I was shocked and happy that he was there to see what I love to do and see something inspired by our dad.

That was a sweet moment when your mom introduced you and spoke about your father with you and your brother. How did you take your dad’s passing as a pushing tool while creating this line?

My dad was always a strong-headed person, even when things got tough. So he taught me to be tough and keep pushing (hustling). I’ve grieved, I’m still grieving but I just fueled that sadness into something beautiful. I took a trip to Cozumel, Mexico and my dad is from Mexico. I went to his roots and saw my dad among the people that worked from sunrise to sunset just trying to make a dollar. So it inspired me a lot and I did a lot of self-reflection too.

What did you see during your trip that inspired your summer collection?

The people, architecture, nature, and the things I wore on vacation that I also designed.

How do you convey yourself in your work?

I design for women who like to step out of their comfort zone and feel confident and sexy in what they are wearing. I design for all women – different shapes, sizes and colors. I do base my designs off of my mood and my personal style. I am a very laid back person who likes to be spontaneous. Personally, I feel like I have good taste.

Where do you see Le Onyx going after such a successful first show?

Hopefully clientele going up, but I see Lé Onyx growing and getting more recognized in Tampa. Getting business in other states, designing clothes for artists locally or famous. Eventually down the road, I plan to open the first Lé Onyx boutique and expand.

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