Her Name is Roxy Banos – Maverick of Creative Evolution

Witness Roxy Banos' evolution, daring creativity, and unwavering spirit as she blazes trails and forges her unique path in the fashion and art world.
“I feel like I change my identity so often that nicknames don’t apply to me or feel authentic for long. Everything that I produce is me, my identity, not just a stage name or a personality. I want to keep it that way. When it all gets traced back to its origin, everyone will know that it came from me.” 
Her name is Roxy Banos, and she shares her authentic eye for fashion and direction through personally produced projects.

Multimedia Maven Roxy Banos got her start in fashion and creative direction by exploring modeling. Early in the game, Roxy became her own muse and decided to experiment by creating, directing, styling, and executing original ideas. “At the time, I didn’t really have the resources or a team or friends where I felt comfortable saying, ‘Hey, you wanna model for my shoot? Or style for me?’ – so I would just do it all on my own.” As her own model and with two close photographer friends to capture her vision, Roxy’s entrance to the art world was as bold as her presence today. Expanding from personal design, Roxy became a sought-after muse for others. As time went on, mastering modeling led to artistic evolution in new fields. “I realized… modeling is fun but… I wanted to do something more. I wanted to create things myself and not necessarily just be a canvas for somebody else’s artistic visions,” she said of her transition into styling.

Model Muse to Creative Force

Roxy cut the cameras on modeling and moved to LA, becoming a full-time stylist. Styling professionally offered perspective and new opportunities for creative expression but ushered Roxy into another creative cocoon. “It is such a tedious job. It’s also so much work and people don’t realize that… and I realized, I do not want this lifestyle; this is not for me.” This epiphany launched Roxy into creative direction. Since then, she has branched outside the world of fashion and directed music videos, shoots, as well as continued to produce individual projects. “I really do try and stay in the world of fashion because that’s my passion,” she says of her venture into music videos. Music is a new endeavor for Roxy, and as her track record has proven, a field she will quickly dominate. Dauntless, her lateral plunge into new industries is always followed by bright successes and newfound inspiration. From fashion lover to model, stylist, and beyond, Roxy forges her path through exploration.

What is she up to now? “Currently, I would say I’m a director-producer,” and her portfolio would agree. From photo shoots and short films to events, apparel, and campaigns, “I just like to express myself however it feels authentic to the idea. Every idea that I have is going to be executed in a different way.” Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Roxy moved to Tampa in 4th grade. While Tampa has been her home, and she works in LA these days, she never forgot her roots. “I love going back to Cuba. Every time I go, it’s very refreshing and just a reset.” 

Roxy’s Cuban roots also play a large part in her creative process. Like every great artist, there is research involved, and inspiration is an important element, but Roxy also is intentional about personally identifying and connecting with her initial vision. This helps her decide the best way to embody and execute her ideas. Knowing who she is and where she is from is the biggest piece to the puzzle that is creatress, Roxy Banos. She shares a crucial and inspiring tip: artist or not, more people should tap into their roots. “People sleep on their background,” Roxy shares ritually. “When people are trying to find inspiration, they always look for something new instead of just revisiting their own history. Learn about your lineage. It is who you are.” Learning about and cultivating a sense of love for and pride in your culture and where you come from is the message Roxy imparts on all artists seeking inspiration, and on all who are open to receiving nourishment.

Beyond Fashion

Aside from inspiration, networking and building connections are vital in the art realm. Roxy has had experiences in large cities and art hubs, she relates “I’ve made a lot of great connections here in LA but of course places like Miami and New York are great too.” She also travels to New York often, duh. “It’s obviously like the fashion capital of the United States.” And yet, she highly values and appreciates the unique sense of community found and fostered in Florida. 

In a smaller town like Tampa, Roxy mandates that collaboration is the key to creativity. Being such a small town, not having the resources that are present in larger cities like LA, New York, and Miami, artists in Tampa rely intensely on each other to bring their art to life. This fosters creativity and collaboration but also creates a challenge of normal progression. The challenge is this simple truth: as an artist, staying in the same place for too long with the same people makes it easy to remain stagnant and plateau artistically. This enhances the necessity of traveling, returning to one’s roots, and seeking inspiration from other sources. The challenge is balance. “You need consistency AND growth,” Roxy affirms. She highlights Tampa as a notable city for collaboration, talented artists, and community. “We really do have each other’s backs [in Tampa].”

Directed, produced, and edited by Roxy Banos

Never short on ideas, Roxy creates from and leads life by trusting her intuition. “I know when it’s time to leave. I know when it’s time for change or I need something different. A different pace, a different environment… It’s the feeling like: OK, I feel I’ve outgrown this place.” Art requires inspiration; success exists outside our comfort zone, and change is the only constant. Three truths Roxy defines perfectly in so many words. “When I don’t feel like I’m being exposed to anything new. And I don’t have the possibility of being exposed to anything new… It’s time to move on to the next place. And who knows, one day I’ll come back and there will be new things to explore.” Astute. If you know you want change but you’re not creating the change, then the change is not going to happen.

Community and Collaboration

Fearless, innovative, bright, how did Roxy come to be the trailblazer she is? Roxy shows love to her #1 support system, her parents, for her upbringing. “My parents were always very much supportive of me. They had trust in me and in where I wanted to take my life.” This support instilled strength in Roxy that made it easy to be free-spirited, expressive, and creative. She also delves deeper and cites her Aquarian nature as playing a significant role in her identity. “Aquarians value freedom. We like to explore, innovate, be ourselves and be independent. We learn from others but don’t like to be tied down to people’s ideas or perception.” Roxy has always trusted herself and done what resonates. By her own account, “I focus on what I believe in, what I love, and advocating for myself… because if you don’t do it, nobody else does.” Her intrinsic motivation goes beyond the tangible. “Art is my spirituality. I release my emotions with a project.” For Roxy, creating and releasing are like meditation. A conference call with her body and mind.

Designer Dreams

What inspires Roxy to create? “A lot of the things that I create are me conveying my emotion.” Roxy’s creations are a combination of whatever she feels or is moved by, the emotions that trigger, and her uniquely wrapping it all into a concept. “I get inspiration from everything. Everyday life walking down the street, hanging out with friends, meeting new people.” Roxy acknowledged the stigma behind people and their phones and use of social media. There has been conversation about the impact this has on artists and creativity as well as influencing the culture. “But also, your phone is the most crucial research tool.”

As for her favorite designers – “Alexander McQueen is my biggest inspiration in life.” Also notable: Matthew Williams, Rick Owens, ASAP Rocky. Outfit of choice? “Honestly, I really do enjoy menswear, I like to be comfortable. Some jorts, a boot and like a button down. I just want to be comfortable and swaggy.” With her experience in all sides of fashion, can we look forward to Roxy designs in the future? “I let it all out. All my secrets are let out. What’s next for Roxy? Her own line? Wintour cover? Roxy is currently embarking on a new venture designing footwear. Photography is also a newfound passion. In the future, fashion production will be Roxy’s focus. “Short films, runway shows and expanding on that. That’s what I want. What I hope to be working on long term.” And so it will be.

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