Scumbag Wrld “Unhinged Creativity and Musical Nostalgia”

More than a rap group, SBW is an eclectic collective of highly talented artists. Trap, alternative, and unhinged, their music reflects their strong artistic personalities.

“Eat your vegetables… You can’t make money if you not alive. Be yourself, people gon’ fuck with you,” Big Baby Scumbag shares an opening nugget of truth. Tampa-based artist collective Scumbag Wrld has been creating and disrupting since they met in middle school. Two of the original members of the group – Big Baby Scumbag and Lil Scumbag, shared with Arkive on their group dynamic and earlier experiences with SBW originator Skinny Scumbag. SBW is presented as a rap group, but more wholly they are a collective of extremely talented artists. Their music, self described as ‘Trap, Alternative, and Unhinged’, is strong, and uniquely indicative of the creative personalities crafting it. Their #1 sound invites listeners to explore nostalgia, and release with the assist of melodic depth. The group’s eclectic sound incorporates perfectly fused elements of many genres. Whether you’re a fan of trap beats, alternative music, minimal vibes, or the vapor scene, Scumbag Wrld leaves nothing to be desired. The collective – composed of several other star artists, such as: Sunny Fritz, FromtheXl, SorryEin, T-Rova, Baewxlff, Franksbeendead, DJ Chuck Knorris and TrapGhandi – is a tightly knit band of creatives. SBW has been making waves for over a decade and they are dedicated to consistently creating unique and innovative music. We can expect their upcoming music to reflect the vibrant energy that has propelled them thus far.

Finding your tribe is no easy feat, and in the artistic and creative world long lasting, healthy relationships are treasured. Managing a brand and maintaining a full collective, in addition to the everyday demands of being an artist, requires dedication and focus. This is arduous work, but SBW clearly has the necessary qualities to succeed. So much talent in one group. Matter of fact, where’s everybody from? How did SBW come to be? “So Skinny Scumbag created and branded Scumbag Wrld,” Lil Scumbag elucidated. On how he got involved with Skinny Scumbag and Scumbag Wrld to begin with, “I was introduced  in middle school. We had mutual friends, and we’d all been skateboarding together.” For Black Joe Dirt it was a little different. “I’ve been making music for about eight years now. I met Skinny Scumbag in 2014. Back then I was working at the dollar store when he hit me up to collab.” Divine Intervention? SBW is proof that what’s meant to be will be.

The group shed light on their creative influences. Big Baby specifically always pays homage to the legends in his music. “I love feeling that nostalgia in older music,” he shares. “My older brother introduced me to 90’s New York Hip Hop and I’m always trying to give the listener that feeling of when they heard so-and-so for the very first time.” Big Baby makes it his mission to bring the listener back to a certain era in time. He feels like artists back then had a lot more style than artists now. “They had stuff that made them stand out compared to the next guy,” he expresses. Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, Nas, Biggie, Big Pun, Jay-Z were all huge influences for Big Baby growing up. Southern artists like Three Six Mafia, Hot Boys, Goodie Mob, & Outkast also played a large role. For Lil Scumbag, his dads Biggie Smalls and Shaggy CDs were his earliest musical memories. “I also listened to a lot of alternative music and pop punk,” he related. These were strong influences for him, “Currently I listen to a lot of Peewee Longway, Young Thug, and Pooh Sheisty outside of my own music. I truly think my music changes as my taste in music changes.”

Although they come together to form the Scumbag Wrld unit, the studio processes, much like the inspirations, for each artist are as layered and assorted as their brilliant sound.

Although they come together to form the SBW unit, the studio processes, much like the inspirations, for each artist are as layered and assorted as their brilliant sound. Being nocturnal has its perks in the creative process, and Lil Scumbag echoes this sentiment “I mostly work at night, two to three days out of the week if not more.” He is at times inspired by unorthodox methods. When not recording, Lil Scumbag enjoys YouTube for “86 South Show”, skating and graffiti videos and podcasts as stimulation to create. Big Baby maximizes his 24 by enlisting mind and body practices. “Working out clears my head and gets me pumped to create,”  he offered. He also watches  a lot of documentaries, anime, cartoons, and random YouTube videos to broaden his imagination. Big Baby expressed that most of his inspiration comes from something he has learned or otherwise absorbed, “I soak it all in.” With regards to composition of their music, Big Baby saves his writing journey for solo contemplation during the initial stages of his creative process. “I spend all day in the studio and how my mind works, I’m quick to change my mind on my delivery or wording.” Knowing this, Big Baby states he writes and makes any edits necessary before even hitting the studio. This allows him to lay his track down exactly as he envisioned once in the studio. With a clear process, strong foundation and loyal supporters, it’s no doubt SBW will exceed their own expectations in their careers and enact their personal visions for success.

Lil Scumbag defines success as touring globally, establishing SBW world wide, and owning his own record label among other things. “More shows, more money, more opportunities, multiple albums released, more merch, whole lotta videos dropping,” he shares, his vision so genuine and palpable that it becomes tangible to all. Making his future reality,  Lil Scumbag is working on a project called “Beezy Money”. He says this latest project  took two months of recording and several other months for mixing & mastering, “backend work” he shares. “Success is growth in all areas, increased support, and my group getting more plays.” Money is the motive and his family are his biggest motivators. Aside from financial stability, the opportunity to build for his future, and the timelessness of the art his collective creates push Lil Scumbag to reach new levels of innovation. As for Big Baby, “I switch between different projects all the time. Like a painter that has a bunch of unfinished paintings.” Big Baby takes pleasure in creating multiple projects, and later sorting through to put the puzzle pieces together. “I used to think way too hard about making songs that all had similar concepts when making projects. I was feeling super boxed in creatively doing that.” What’s to come for Big Baby Scumbag? His fans are inevitably waiting for new shit and he knows it. “They won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.”

Outside of music, growth and expansion awaits Big Baby, and he welcomes the progression. “I’m looking forward to being the best version of myself,” Big Baby reveals coolly before sharing some of his truth with us. “I spent about 15 years abusing alcohol and eating garbage. Last year, I decided to start holding myself accountable.” This newfound purpose is lifting him to higher heights, and Big Baby is determined to make it all happen for himself. “It’s cool as hell now to look back and see how far I’ve come. It’s only going to get better.” Aside from health and personal growth tenfold, as a long-term thinker, success to Big Baby highlights generational wealth. “I want my kids and their kids to reap the benefits of my music when they’re older.” Another big goal of his is to have his music featured in movies, TV, commercials, game soundtracks and beyond. “That’s where the real money is,” he advises “That’s lifelong residuals.” But this is no foreign triumph for Big Baby, he simply wishes to expand on it. His music has already been featured in the works of major world wide corporations with his song “Jelly” having been featured in a documentary called “Science Fair”. This documentary ran regularly on the National Geographic channel at one point and was  eventually picked up by Disney Plus. “I just want to keep adding more of those to my belt and eventually big budget motion picture films,” Big Baby manifests. 

You heard it here first, and Arkive eagerly anticipates what they will unveil next! We look forward to future additions to SBW and their continued creative expansion and evolution. “This is the beginning,” Lil Scumbag concludes. “Just listen to the music and stay tuned,” Big Baby foreshadows.


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