Kenny H is Committed to the Camera and the Culture

From Tampa to New York and beyond, Kenny H's story is a testament to the power of creativity, determination, and the endless possibilities ahead.

Meet Kenny H, a remarkably versatile artist whose journey takes us on a compelling ride from New York City to the familiar streets of his hometown in Tampa. Through his mastery of video production and his captivating approach to film photography, Kenny H’s narrative is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft, his creative ingenuity, and his steadfast pursuit of a self-sustained future.

Throughout his artistic journey, Kenny H’s determination and passion have led him to establish connections not only with fellow creatives but also with mentors who have guided him along the way. Learning from the likes of Robert Gallardo, Kenny H has gained invaluable insights and experiences that have played a pivotal role in shaping his trajectory. 

As Kenny H continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of artistry, his brand “remaineutral” stands as a testament to his vision. Rooted in his ability to control his feelings and transcend opinions, the brand encapsulates his artistic ethos and the journey he has undertaken. Through his work, Kenny H aims not only to provoke thought but also to spark conversations that challenge perspectives, ultimately creating a space for meaningful dialogue.

From his beginnings in Tampa to his ventures in New York and beyond, Kenny H’s story is a testament to the power of creativity, determination, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

How long have you been back in Tampa and what have you been up to since you’ve been here?
I got back to Tampa from living in NY at the beginning of November 2021. Since then, I started selling NFTs when they were popular. I play a lot of video games because things are a lil’ slower here. I shot a few videos with some local homies and clients. Oh and a few photo shoots with some of my homegirls as well. Tryna use my down time as much as possible to come up with a FL algorithm cuz ion got one that works too well rn lmao. 
How long were you living in NY before you decided to move back and what prompted the return? Slower in terms of business or do you mean events, parties, etc?
I was in NY for like exactly a year. Honestly, I moved back because my living situation was tiring me. It wasn’t the type of environment for me to be fully happy so my idea was to come back for winter and then keep doing that every year VS living in NY year round. Slower in terms of everything, business and events etc.. but I’m from here so I don’t mind it. Just have to travel a lot to make ends meet. 
When you first moved, did you already know people and have work lined up? How were you able to find opportunities in such a big city?
When I first moved, it was because my homegirl had a one bedroom apartment and was barely using it since she was going to see her BF in another state all the time, so I told her I would easily come take care of the place and help her while she’s not there. So it wasn’t a business opportunity that led me to move, it was just the availability to go. For whatever reason, NY works really well for me – probably due to my past work with Cinematic Music Group and word of mouth through other things. When I got out there, it was kinda slow as far as work but I was meeting up with people I knew and going to places with them then meeting other people. The work is there, you just have to put yourself out there, talk to people, be somewhat cool or interesting so they see something in you. From IG to being out and seeing new faces, running into homies to hanging around LAAMS in LES, a lot of opportunities just come naturally and only in NY for me- it’s like something in the air. But I think anyone can find opportunities like I do as long as you are cool, do cool shit, produce cool shit or just talk a lot lmao. It’s a city where you gotta be willing to get out and make sumn happen. No cliche. 
What are some of the major things you accomplished while living out there and the challenges you faced while trying to to achieve them?
I think the most major accomplishment was just being able to sustain a comfortable lifestyle with no job, for a whole year, in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Other than that, I made a lot of good relationships with people who are also talented and doing relevant things for the city. Through meeting the founders of LAAMS, I was able to see my name “on the big screen” which was a huge moment for me even though it was a private screening. Also just being this random white boy from Valrico in a city like NY, moving around dolo and doing as much as I do is an accomplishment in itself. New York is challenging enough to even wanna go outside sometimes. Eating out costs like $100 a day. Sometimes you don’t feel like getting on 3 different trains to get somewhere so it is challenging enough just to survive but I’m happy and blessed that I thrive there. My social anxiety is stripped away cuz I don’t know anyone and I’m able to feel comfortable moving around by myself. Also thankful that the first time I moved to NY when I was 19 years old that I moved to the Bronx cuz living in Gun Hill taught me how to move in such a crazy city. 
Last question about NY and then we’ll get more into your work.. What’s some of the craziest shit you’ve seen while living there?
NY is probably full of the wildest shit I ever seen. There’s a place in Brooklyn where I used to live called “K2 Alley” and it’s just a corner where mfs be leant out – it’s like zombie land round there. Random drunk white folks driving through the city screaming some rock ballads. Random bum fights.. idk what the craziest memory is but everything in NY is wild.
Has shooting a video ever put you in a dangerous situation? Do you have any rules you have to relay to artists before filming?
At the moment, I never realized but yea I definitely have been in some funny situations lmao. I shot a video in Lil Russia in ATL and had at least 7 loaded guns pointed at me while I was recording lmao. Also have gotten the cops called more than once during a shoot due to me being careless doing fake robbery scenes on the block and shit. As far as rules though, not really. Just don’t waste my time, that’s my only rule lol. 
What are some of your favorite movies? Are there any music videos that you’ve shot that draw inspiration from these films? If so, are there specific scenes you can point out?
My favorite movie ever is Silent Hill. I also love Hereditary, There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men are just some of my favorites. I think the most movie-like scene I’ve ever shot was in Kash Juliano – Demons where he gets shot in the head by the “demons” who kidnap him. I tend to draw inspiration from movies but stay away from copy and pasting things. Also, I was using a GoPro to shoot videos for the majority of my career and only recently have bought a cinematic camera so I will be making more story-lined videos moving forward.

"Being this random white boy from Valrico in a city like NY, moving around dolo and doing as much as I do is an accomplishment in itself."

"When I moved to NY and shot a video for ASAP, Gallardo took me to a camera store and bought me a $100 hard drive like he knew what I was about to get into and I’ll never forget that."

Kinda crazy how much you’ve been able to do with just a GoPro! What are the limitations you run into and how do you overcome them to create such quality work? 

I agree. I need to talk to someone at GoPro and get a sponsorship going. With the GoPro, it’s hard to generate a real cinematic feel because the footage is so flat. There’s no depth to the footage or aggressive focal point but there are some real talented editors who can make sumn outta anything and I am blessed to have established relationships with a lot of talented kids who helped me bring my work to life, up to this point. 

Are you really selective in the work you pick up? How do you decide what’s worth shooting and what projects to pass on? 

Not really – it’s more if the numbers look good, I’m invested to make someone look good. I do get a lil more passionate about projects when I like the song though. To me, it’s more the relationship with the artist and how well we are able to manage business and stress. Ion like to deal with egos or bullshit but mostly it’s the business that’s more important because imma always have the creative ability. In the future, when the money is rolling better, I will become more selective though so I can refine to just what I like and not just what is currently helping me get there. 

Even though the brand name is “remaineutral”, you mentioned you like to debate certain topics – what’s a hot take most people probably wouldn’t agree with? What’s the inspo behind the infamous logo? 

remaineutral derives from my mental head space and how I control my feelings, not necessarily going hand and hand with my opinions or desire to debate. The most common misconception is that a lot of people think I’m hung up about certain shit or really bothered when I’m just instigating or tryna pick someone’s brain. Like, I definitely feel a certain way about shit but people love to think I lose sleep cuz I have an opinion. As far as the logo goes, it’s really an accident how that came about but it stems from my dark themed artistic liking when I was younger. I used to post random like cult-ish themed stuff I’ve seen on tumblr etc. not knowing or caring what image it gave off. So the Xs as eyes and the stitched mouth was a mix of my love of OddFuture and other themes I liked when I was still in high school. 

While establishing your brand, you’ve made worldwide connections to artists in the industry and one of your goals is to inspire or help someone achieve the success you desire to have.. Are you currently mentoring any artists? Is that something you would be open to? Are there any people that you would consider mentors to you? Or anyone that helped show you the ropes?

I’m not mentoring anyone but I’ve always offered paid consulting opportunities and assistant jobs but I tend to lose contact with the people who want to fill those positions. Too many DMs on IG and sometimes it’s hella difficult to find someone when I don’t remember their name. But randomly and to people I wanna see win, I’ll drop as much knowledge as I can give. I wouldn’t mind helping more people – if you see this feel free to reach out. The only real mentor I’ve had through a similar work field as my own has definitely been Robert Gallardo. I have a lot of artists who inspire me, including him, but he’s the only one to help me out and be hands on us working together but also learning things along the way. When I moved to NY and shot a video for ASAP, Gallardo took me to a camera store and bought me a $100 hard drive like he knew what I was about to get into and I’ll never forget that. 

One of your goals as an artist is to create a self-sustained life. Describe what that looks like for you. You also mentioned you’re looking for a shordy. What’s your type? If the perfect woman told you to cut your hair, would you do it? 

Honestly, like $150K a year or more is enough, I can live and do as much as I want to. I’m not super needy but to be able to travel when I want to experience what I want when I want to I would be happy with that much flow. Besides the funding, I just want a shordy to hold me down- good meals, good views, constant change and that feeling you get when you try sumn for the first time.

My type of woman is self sustainable, very caring and considerate, mature and intellectual and fine to my liking, of course. I like a funny, sarcastic but real woman. Like me – a lil off but all the way there when you dive into the full spectrum of who they are. If my ideal woman told me to cut my hair I’d probably joke about it then question her because I don’t think my ideal woman would ask that but if someone takes me off the market, I’d do it. I’ve been wanting to cut my hair anyways but it’s a statement I can’t get rid of yet lmao. When shordy find me, fuck it I’m back to the fade. 

Let’s talk about your photography… Why do you feel like it’s slept on? Do you get contacted for video work more than photography work? 

I think that my photography is really good when I shoot film. It took years and I’ve spent money on hella film to perfect being able to shoot with no flash and learn my manual settings and yet I get like damn near no bookings ever. I know other photographers who are booked for multiple months in advance and are shooting digital flash photography. I just need my name to get around more in the photo world. I get 5000% more video bookings than photos. Honestly, all of my film work as a photographer is sumn to look at and appreciate. I would say my early film video snippets are a good example where I used my photos in a video format with a unique audio. 

What are your plans to build brand awareness this year? Any trips, major projects you have in store?

My plans moving forward are to do shit like this with y’all, more merch and simple marketing stamping the logo more and being more vocal about stuff. More behind the scenes and showing who I am behind the brand. I will continue to go to NY like once a month and have some secret projects in the works that y’all will see when they come to fruition.

It’s evident that Kenny’s determination and artistic vision will continue to propel him forward. With a passion for both video and film photography, an uncanny ability to unearth unique opportunities, and an eye for innovation, Kenny H is a name poised to leave an indelible mark on the creative landscape. Through mentoring and collaboration, Kenny H seeks to uplift fellow artists, just as he himself has been guided by mentors like Robert Gallardo. As his brand “remaineutral” gains traction and his projects unfold, the world can expect nothing less than an artistic journey marked by authenticity, evolution, and unwavering dedication.

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