Vinny Virgo “New Project: Parenthood”

New album, new addition to the family, and fresh travels, Vinny is the picture of health, wealth, and success.

Producer, rapper, songwriter, creative director, and all-around artist – Vinny Virgo is an innovator. Tampa Bay raised and internationally appreciated, Vinny’s art reveals his innermost thoughts, shines a light on his peripatetic tendencies, and takes us on a journey through his emotional progression. Through his music, Vinny supplies lyrical, transparent, and authentic energy to his listeners. Ethereal trap? Experimental? Vinny’s sound cannot be boxed into a single genre.

As he so deftly interpolates real life experiences into his melodic masterpieces, it’s easy to note Vinny’s sound as clever lyricism and transparency. What emotion influences his music the most? Vinny describes it as that feeling of being high on life in the most natural way possible. “Like when the weather is perfect and vibes are on point from the moment you wake up,” Vinny declares. “I try to take advantage of those days as much as possible to create something uplifting with a high confidence level.” Vinny tries and succeeds as each project 2017 and beyond is full of new experiences, honest accounts, unfiltered emotions, and uncanny predictions – true to his sound.

What’s new with Vinny Virgo? The powerhouse boasts a fresh approach and introduces a new sound in the southern rap genre on his album cleverly titled Thank You For The Inconvenience. Arkive had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with Vinny to discuss his album, inspiration, self-love, and finding one’s place on a deeper level.  

“Knowing that there’s people who really connect and feel what I’m putting out makes it bigger than myself.”

Recently named an artist to watch in 2022 by Creative Loafing, Vinny Virgo’s music delves into relationships, self-love, and finding one’s place on a deeper level. Vinny draws from his travels for his art. Interactions and influences gained from those experiences inspire metamorphoses in Vinny’s ever-evolving sound. One site of alternative genius, Vinny notes, is London. Here he finds unrestrained potential for inspiration, and it’s where he penned his latest project, “Thank You For The Inconvenience” – available on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes & Amazon.

Taking in the influence and inspiration of London, Vinny balances these with his spiritual motivations to create an honest work. He is a spiritual person, very in tune and always learning to grow into his best self. Noting his main influences as Kanye, Radiohead, Out Kast, Lil Wayne, and Madlib, Vinny takes notes from the greats and allows his listeners to connect with him through his artform, as he shares real pieces of his life, mind, and heart on his tracks. Though he’s been creating and releasing for years, it’s clear his original love for making something out of nothing and trying to outdo himself each time keeps him going.

Vinny’s only true competition is himself and that’s exactly who he battles in the booth on every record. “The support and love I’ve accumulated over the years play a huge part [in keeping me moving forward] as well,” Vinny expresses serenely. “Knowing that there’s people who really connect and feel what I’m putting out makes it bigger than myself.” Although dedication and support – along with skill and hard work – get you far in the game, it’s still an uphill battle with unique challenges, twists, and turns.

We would love to think we know an artist’s highs and lows by simply consuming their art, but the truth is far from that, and we all have our own demons to fight when the clock stops. Vinny is no different. The biggest obstacle he’s had to surpass along his artistic journey? Vinny feels his lack of a team and proper management take the cake. It’s not always a factor for everyone but a majority of artists who really make that breakthrough into the big stage have had a resolute team of people working behind them, coordinating moves, and making connections that are out of the artists’ immediate reach. “That’s always something I pray for and am constantly manifesting because I believe it’s the only thing I’m missing,” says Vinny. “But until then the grind continues with me playing multiple roles for myself.” His dedication to himself and his craft got him this far and will undoubtedly propel him towards his future labels, teams, management, and booking that big stage he speaks of. He has the plan and soon to come, the platform! 

New album, new addition to the family, fresh travels, and perspective, surrounded by love and supported by many.

Vinny released an album in January and has been focusing on promoting that as blessings continue to find him. In a new turn of events, we found out recently that he’s a soon-to-be father. Congratulations baby Virgo, it’s a star! He is super hyped and excited for his new journey as a dad and had the golden idea to make an album for his child and release it for them when they’re born (TBD) as a gift so we are all eagerly awaiting the newest addition to his family and catalog! “I’m really looking forward to starting that project and being a dad for the first time and all that comes with it,” Vinny gushed over his future cub.

New album, new addition to the family, fresh travels, and perspective, surrounded by love and supported by many – Vinny is the picture of health, wealth, and success. What is his personal definition of the word and how does he attain this? Overall, he’d say: accomplishing your own personal goals and executing ideas from beginning to end is where success begins. A lot of times people tend to gauge an artist’s success off of big numbers and presence of popularity, but Vinny knows it’s important to acknowledge the small wins too. When he’s not in the booth or with his family, you can catch him vibin out to “Silent Hill” on replay in his spare time “Fasho! Kendrick and Kodak went crazy, and the beat sent me somewhere out of this realm for those few minutes.,” revealed Vinny.

Vinny’s latest project, “Thank You For The Inconvenience” is available on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes & Amazon.

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