Gat$ “Evolution of Self + Sound”

A producer and lyrical philosopher, Gat$ opts for transparency in his tracks and the real shines through his art.

Gat$ is honest in his craft and chooses to use adversity as fuel to overcome it, successfully he does just that.

Tampa native, producer, and lyrical philosopher Gat$ has been making noise in the city for over a decade. He shares with us his life and invites us to unpack and question our perception. He discusses his struggle and rise, family, love, shadow work, and inequity. Gat$ is honest in his craft and chooses to use adversity as fuel to overcome it, successfully he does just that. We had an opportunity to pick his brain which only confirmed that he demonstrates talent and star quality in all that he does. His passion and enthusiasm for the world he continues to create through artistry shines through.

Robb is true to this, not new to this. In exploring and expanding his skill, there came ego death and development. In his music, Gat$ touches on religion and his relationship with God. On the spiritual aspect of our relationship with self, reinvention, and evolution, Gat$ shared expressly. The Catholic church was introduced to him young, but the rigidity did not cohere. A religion class taken in college provided depth to his knowledge that “religion is what man interprets God to be in their lives, and how God communicates with man,” and this perspective is fluent in his expression of his relationship with God and the Universe through his talent.

Directly following his 2020 album release Robbers, Gat$ performed along with chart toppers and industry legends – Future, Kid Cudi, Young Thug, Travis Scott to name a few. For some aspiring artists this is their ultima, but Robbed and Castaway are indicative of more gems to come. When asked about this, Gat$ confirmed that at 32 years young – it’s time for jazz.  “I would like to make a jazz album. I want to spend more time ushering in things from my musical background… strings and live instruments [included].” About performing at Rolling Loud he relates, “I would like to broaden my horizons and perform at new [and diverse] festivals and events.” 

As it relates to reinvention and evolution, Robb shared a few key experiences of his. Namely, 2018 was a year of evolution and change which inclined him to “remove the mask of Gat$” so to speak and cultivate growth – artistically and otherwise – as Robb. Although a name change wasn’t practical at that stage of building a loyal following under Gat$, supporters will notice Gat$ has incorporated his name into all major projects since (Robb Won (1), 2 Live and 2 Robb, 2 Close 2 Robb, Robbers CNS, Robbed). Broward County artist KANGIE also served as title inspiration for his ‘2’ projects, and Gat$ was explicit in acknowledging the inventiveness. 2018 was also the year his right-hand man Jordan Patrick came into the picture, and he has had a hand in all of Gat$ projects since. 

Much like the Nudy and Pierre pairing, Jordan seems to match Gat$’ level of output and they produce perfection. How does Gat$ compose his tracks? “I write like a maniac. I just write in my phone, all day every day. Whenever I am [inspired], I’m on Google, Wikipedia, I’m writing down thoughts.” Of his and Jordan’s dynamic Gat$ shares Jordan is the only person he has felt comfortable enough to trust and share those raw thoughts for feedback. “I would go to Jordan’s house and just give him my phone to read through. He knows my cadences, how I speak and how to challenge me so he’ll kind of just read through what I wrote and start making beats up on the spot to what I have written.” Gat$ says this has become a natural accord between the two. Gat$ has bright ideas for their future work together as well as his self-produced future releases.

“I want to experiment more with developing my sound, my pocket of creativity, different from the norm.”

Gat$’ standards for himself are high but never in vain as he plans to release new projects this year. On 8/13/2022 Gat$ will be releasing the sequel to Robbers, Robbers 2. We can expect collabs with a handful of our favorite artists; a few names dropped were: Kid Brick, J Brown, TwelveLen, Tom G.

On how the project with Tom G came about, “It was just one of those things,” Gat$ said. “I’d been [messaging] Tom G for like three years just tryna work. One day he posted asking [producers] for a Griselda type beat. Now I don’t make “type beats” … but I reached out and said ‘I got something for you’.” Gat$ shared that he had one beat in mind when he reached out, but that he created an additional three beats beat pack that same night within the hour in anticipation of the collaboration. “Tom G hit me back the next day … We got in the studio like two, three days later. I just kept playing him beats, and he ended up doing a hook for our project right there on the spot.”

Art is always best when organically produced and Gat$ is in league with the best in the business. Gat$ remarked that Tom G is one of the most talented artists he has worked with to date, and says the same is true for Kid Brick. “Kid Brick is the hardest, most efficient rapper in the city… probably in the state,” Gat$ announces. “Every session I’ve had with Kid Brick, he can be talking to you [one second], start mumbling [the next], then hop in the booth and record something – on the spot. He so cool with it.”

As for what he projects for his future as an artist, he declares, “I want to experiment more with developing my sound, my pocket of creativity, different from the norm.” With a multitude of personal goals on the horizon, he doesn’t see himself slowing down anytime soon. “I’ve done it. And I’m happy that I’ve done it. I just want to do more.” Gat$ voices on his achievements thus far.

Gat$ notes his inspirations as artists such as Freddie Gibbs, Radiohead, Schoolboy Q, Kanye, 21 Savage, Carti, Childish Gambino, and Himself of course. He also listens to Orchestra, and his diverse interest no doubt contributes heavily to his unique sound and perception of art at its core.

We look forward to his continued evolution in sound, and have our calendars marked for 8/13!

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