“Designer Eats” Tampa’s Best Salchipapa with MUSE by Pablo

Join Muse by Pablo on "Designer Eats" as they indulge in Tampa's best salchipapa at El Chuzo BBQ.

In the premiere episode of “Designer Eats,” the dynamic fashion duo Muse by Pablo embarks on a culinary adventure to El Chuzo BBQ in search of Tampa’s finest salchipapa. Before diving into the mouthwatering menu, the stylish pair takes a moment for an outfit check because, let’s face it, Muse by Pablo knows how to savor good food and look effortlessly chic simultaneously.

At El Chuzo, the duo doesn’t just stop at salchipapa – they explore the flavors of the menu with a delightful spread that includes empanadas and a juicy burger. Want to elevate your dining experience at El Chuzo? Tune in to discover Muse by Pablo’s top picks for the ultimate sauces that add that extra zing to your meal. Join them in savoring the delectable bites and picking up some style tips along the way – because, for Muse by Pablo, enjoying a meal is not just about taste, but a complete sensory experience!

7101 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

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