“Meet Your Makers” Connecting Crowds with DJ/Producer B8TA

Meet B8TA, an Orlando producer and DJ. He shares insights from bedroom beats to crowd command, unraveling the art of creating beats and captivating audiences.

Meet B8TA, a music producer and DJ based in Orlando, FL. In this episode of “Meet Your Makers”, B8TA explains the symbiotic relationship between being a producer and a DJ. Starting as a bedroom producer inspired by iconic figures like the Neptunes and Timbaland, B8TA’s musical evolution took a pivotal turn with the discovery of Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ album.

He emphasizes the significance of diversity in music selection, detailing how he seamlessly transitions from Black Moon to Dolly Parton based on his creative instincts. He also explores the parallel skill sets required for producing and DJing, highlighting the crucial elements of timing, rhythm, and musical flair.

The art of crowd control and the struggle for proper recognition as a producer, B8TA explains some of the challenges of being in this industry before sharing some advice for aspiring musicians, stressing the importance of patience, networking, and continuous skill development.

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