The Space In-Between Co. 

A candlemaker and freelancer, Krystal, creator of The Space In-Between Co. has a profound connection to art and aims to create a collective experience, with candles and curated playlists setting the right atmosphere.
Where are you from and when did you first show an interest in art?

I was born and raised in Miami. I have been a part of the Tampa Bay community for four years and I’ve been loving every minute of it! My first interest in art would be when I was learning how to add texture onto a structure by using gauze and plaster. I was so frustrated; I have never mixed mediums together in 3D. I remember spending hours just to get everything pieced together. Once I was done with the process, I had a mind shift. I finally had a deep understanding and fell in love!

Is your family supportive in your decision to become an artist?

In the beginning, it was not easy. For them to see me leave teaching to become a creative was very confusing to understand. It wasn’t until they saw behind the scenes of how much hours and dedication, I pushed on through to turn my dream into my reality.

Art for art’s sake or art for food on the table? Are you a full-time artist? What’s paying the bills?

I am a full-time candle maker and freelancer.

What connects you to your peers who do similar types of art? What do you think sets you apart?

What connects me to my peers that do the same work as I do would be our attention to detail. To be a candle maker is like being a scientist. We are focused on how scents can bring joy into someone’s life. The one thing I would say that sets us apart is my purpose. My sole purpose of what I do is for the culture to have a collective experience. Candles are the one thing I believe that brings us together as a community. Scents that bring us memories, make us feel safe, or make us forget about yesterday’s miseries. Our candles also come with a curated playlist to match its mood. We want to bring the right vibe into their atmosphere and leave them with a full smile on their face.

Describe your art in 3 words. Now describe yourself as an artist in 3 words.

If I could break down my art into 3 words I would say: uplifting, unfolding, and unapologetic. Myself as an artist I would say: vibrant, vulnerable, and vocal.

What are some of the current projects keeping you busy? How many unfinished works do you have in the vault at this very moment?

The current project I’m working on is a collab with a special artist for my Winter Collection. Also, I am working with two local artists in Miami for an event that we have been planning for almost two years! That’s enough spoilers for now!

The amount of unfinished work I have in the vault is ridiculous to be honest. I am that type of person that will stop everything that they are doing and write down their thoughts, just check my phone’s note list. I believe whatever you pour out to the universe will be a part of your reality at some point of your life.

"Candles are the one thing I believe that brings us together as a community. Scents that bring us memories, make us feel safe, or make us forget about yesterday's miseries."

What does “success” look like for you as an artist? Do you have any dream collaborations?

Success to me looks like supporting our culture. Everyone’s feelings and words are valid, no matter how it might look. It’s okay to laugh and cry at the same damn time. Their vision matters and if I’m able to cater towards their joy in some type of way, then I’m living within my purpose. ” You can’t love the culture and not support the people”- Erwin Hines.

Do you have any habits that help or hinder your progression as an artist? What are some of your biggest challenges?

I do have habits that hinder my progression as an artist. I can get stuck in feeling like a fraud for days. When my process does not align with where I believe I should be, I become a wreck. I would say my biggest challenge is getting myself out of the self-sabotage cycle. Feeling like I am not doing enough and believing this is the reason why I’m stuck. The only thing that can take me out of this funk is writing. Writing has been my saving grace for years. There was a point in my life that I was in the hospital and bed rest for months and being able to pour out my emotions onto a piece of paper saved my life. I always go back to this moment to remind myself that my story is not over.

What do you do when you’re not creating? Do you have a preferred method of escape?

When I am not creating, I am writing, meditating with my pup, and enjoying moments with the people I love. If not, I’m probably sipping on an iced matcha at Spaddy’s.

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You matter.
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