The Black Ace

Born in Connecticut, raised in Tampa, The Black Ace has immersed in music since childhood, aiming for success to achieve freedom for himself and family.

Black Ace, born in Connecticut and raised in Tampa FL, has associated himself with music since childhood; his first musical instrument being the Cello. With artists like Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J.Cole among his inspirations, he plans to present his personal philosophy to conscious rap. Ambitious and determined to never settle, Ace is motivated to reach a level of success that grants him general freedom but also provides financial freedom for both himself and his family.

Where are you from and when did you first show an interest in music?

I was born in Connecticut and then have lived in Tampa for most of my life now. My earliest music memory is sitting down at a piano in my home and pressing a few keys while looking at a sheet music book with instruments on it. On the book I saw string instruments, one of which I ended up playing for years (the Cello).

Is your family supportive in your decision to become an artist?

Yes, they just want me to have direction and give my all to it while being smart and having something to support me. It hasn’t always been an easy conversation but I know they believe in me.

How are you working to become a not-so starving artist? Do you make music full-time? What’s paying the bills?

I work a large portion of the time to figure out ways to keep going. One day, the music will work for me and my other ventures as well will support.

What connects you to your peers who make similar types of music? What do you think sets you apart?

I think we’re all deeply honest with who we are and what we want, even if it hurts. The ambition level is through the roof and there is no settling for 2nd place or another path. In terms of what sets me apart, I do not sound like anybody around me. I have alot of areas of experience to pull from and I often find myself saying or acting in a way that many around me find to be uncommon.

Describe your music in 3 words.  Now describe yourself in 3 words.

Soul. Heart. Mind. — Thoughtful, passionate and tenacious.

What are some of the current projects keeping you busy? How many unfinished works do you have in the vault at this very moment?

I am working on what I consider to be my first album “The Bay Philosopher”. I want it to represent the sounds of Tampa while also presenting a storyline and thesis. Conceptual but easy to listen to.

I have too many unfinished or at least unreleased projects in the tuck. Everything in it’s time, even if it’s all at once. It is what it is.

What does “success” look like for you as an artist? Do you have any dream collaborations?

When I can wake up everyday and live. I can comfortable know my loved ones are happy and taken care of. When I can travel and create and experience new epiphanies in greater fashions. To not be limited by the things that pain us all. To know that my words create an actual good effect on people. Freedom, physically, spiritually and financially.

Do you have any habits that help or hinder your progression as an artist? What are some of your biggest challenges?

I chase the feeling but I also overthink. I’m very perceptive but I have to funnel how those emotions and thoughts are received. The only thing that every limits me is myself because I know I will be one of the greatest artists ever, it’s more of a matter of overcoming the many flaws we have as human beings while also maintaining the hope, passion and drive.

What do you do when you’re not creating? Do you have a preferred method of escape?

I watch different forms of media, sometimes play games, and occasionally read. Just depends on the flow of things at that time.

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