Roberto De La Cruz

Roberto De La Cruz found his artistic calling in third grade drawing cartoons. As he honed his skills, he ventured into the intricate world of drawing people, a path that eventually led him to photography.

Roberto De La Cruz discovered his love for art in the third grade where his journey began with cartoons, a medium through which he expressed his unique perspective on the world. As he transitioned to drawing people, his passion for creative expression deepened, eventually leading him to the captivating world of photography. Balancing the demands of everyday life with his creative pursuits, he believes that genuine love for one’s craft will inevitably lead to success.

Where are you from and when did you first show an interest in art?

Born in Connecticut and raised in Tampa, FL, my first artistic memory comes from when I moved schools in the 3rd grade. Something about being around new faces didn’t intimidate me, but I wanted to find a method of showing how I view their expressions and mannerisms in a way only I could do it. So from there I taught myself how to draw cartoons to eventually build up to learning how to draw people. Once I got to that level, I was deep in the creative headspace and that eventually lead to the photography I do today.

Is your family supportive in your decision to become an artist?

Very much, actually. Moms constantly sends me opportunities to learn around the community and pops always sends good energy to continue. Little sis also shares a passion for creation in her own ways.

Art for art’s sake or art for food on the table? Are you a full-time artist? What’s paying the bills?

Art for arts sake. Life is gon’ life and bills gon’ bill but if you genuinely love what you do, the money gon’ come eventually. Don’t get me wrong though, work life / creative life balance ain’t for the weak, but if you love what you do, you alwayssss gon’ make it shake.

What connects you to your peers who make similar types of art? What do you think sets you apart?

Being so open to learn from others and share ideas is my way of connecting with other creatives. “Oh you make music? Lemme design your cover” and things of that nature. What sets me apart is how I dive deeper into photo editing and don’t just simply color correct, I gotta make every piece look different and have its own visual flair that is specified for the energy of that shoot and that shoot only.

Describe your art in 3 words.  Now describe yourself in 3 words.

My art: Colorful, Outlandish, & Meticulous

Me as an artist: Open Minded, Extravagant, & Picky

What are some of the current projects keeping you busy? How many unfinished works do you have in the vault at this very moment?

Currently have a series of short films early in development that revolve around some of the bigger things I currently desire in this life. As for how many unfinished works? A few projects that may or may not see the light of day but I have a lot more finished work that I just haven’t decided if I wanna drop or not.

What does “success” look like for you as an artist? Do you have any dream collaborations?

Success as an artist to me is being able to inspire all the lil colored kids who think that they can’t make it through the arts. If they can look up and see the stuff that I’m doing and it pushes them to want to keep creating and doing what makes them happy, then I won and I’m fulfilled. Dream collaboration is to work on a big name movie poster design for an A24 movie, but if we’re talking a specific person I really want to work with Donald Glover on a shoot.

Do you have any habits that help or hinder your progression as an artist? What are some of your biggest challenges?

I get too comfortable with working so much sometimes – to the point where I’m not creating cause I’m tired or busy or whatever. Biggest challenge is taking more time off to actually work on my personal projects.

What do you do when you’re not creating? Do you have a preferred method of escape?

I be on the game when I’m not creating, but my preferred method of escape is going to frolic in some fields or at the beach fr.

Add links and anything else you want to share with us.

@artbybertoo for the drawings and physical medias

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