Kyndell aka Peachy

From a young age, Kyndell's family introduced her to film photography, igniting her artistic spark through vintage cameras.
What’s your name and when did you first show an interest in music? 

My name is Kyndell, everyone calls me peachy haha. I first started showing interest in art when I was really young, I was introduced to film photography at a super young age because of my family. They all had cameras back from the 70’s-80’s & would take our family pictures on them.

Are your parents supportive in your decision to become an artist?

My mom loves my photography & actually stalks my social media to see if I post new work haha!

Art for art’s sake or art for food on the table? Are you a full-time artist? What’s paying the bills?

Man. This is a good question. It used to be both for me – I wanted to make a name for myself so bad just so I can work with artists I’ve wanted to shoot with & my personal projects use to be so fun.. but then you have these business vultures in your ear saying you should make a business out of your craft and I can’t lie they got me for sure & I started to monetize my craft.. It used to make me so uncomfortable because I personally shoot to share memories, not for a check. I am a full time artist trying to figure out my personal niche & what works best for me.

What connects you to your peers who make similar types of art? What do you think sets you apart?

I feel what connects me to other photographers and also videographers is that we all share the same vision! We just want to show you guys what we see through our lens & physically provide you memories. I feel what sets me apart from a lot of photographers is I don’t do this for glitz & glam.. this is something I’ve enjoyed since I was a youngin & I’ve gained so much inspiration from my grandmother Barbra. She passed from Alzheimer’s.

Describe your music in 3 words. Now describe yourself as an artist in 3 words.

Vintage, eye-catching, consistent. Go-getter, versatile, ambitious.

I personally shoot to share memories, not for a check. I am a full time artist trying to figure out my personal niche and what works best for me.

What are some of the current projects keeping you busy? How many unfinished works do you have in the vault at this very moment?

I actually have a few concepts I want to get started on this coming spring. My goal this year is to work more on conceptual shoots rather than going to shows. I have so many ideas but it’s just hard for me to bring them to life because I’m a perfectionist. & I actually don’t have anything unfinished, surprisingly I am very much caught up!

What does “success” look like for you as an artist? Do you have any dream collaborations?

I don’t know just yet, when I get there I’ll tell ya 🙂 Man. My biggest dream collaboration is to work with @Xavierluggage on Instagram. His work makes me FEEEEEL things & it’s always so intricate & I love his editing style. & of course – these two have honestly made me jump into film. They inspire me every single time they post.

Do you have any habits that help or hinder your progression as an artist? What are some of your biggest challenges?

I have a bad habit of shooting an abundance of rolls at once & taking it to a film developer (I’m sorry photo spot lol) I feel that not knowing how to scan & develop my own film is my biggest hindrance. I feel one big habit that helps me progress constantly within my craft is that I am always consistently posting on my page (@s33thrume on Instagram) I try to keep my followers engaged as much as possible even if they don’t like my work they gon mf see it okay!

What do you do when you’re not creating? Do you have a preferred method of escape?

Honestly, sleep. I am such a sleeper it’s insane lol. But I also will go sit at the beach & just decompress. Let the waves crash in & take it all away & bring me newly cleansed energy.

Anything else you want to share with us?

Don’t be afraid to take that leap. man. Seriously, let go of that fear. I went to Atlanta with no plan.. just a dream, & look at me now. I started out with 80 followers on my page & I am now at 1.3k in less than 2 years – just based off the strength of my work :’) It sounds like a long time, but when you’re so deep into your art, time flies so much faster.

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