Krazy Dazie

Join Krazydazie on her exhilarating journey from a novice DJ to a powerhouse in the music scene. With every beat, she defies conventions and champions authenticity, leaving an indelible mark on listeners worldwide.

Krazy Dazie, the rising DJ from Orlando, traces her creative journey back to an unforgettable 18th birthday party. It was there that a friend took to the turntables, sparking a newfound passion within her. From that moment on, she immersed herself in the world of music, soaking up every tip and trick shared by her mentor. Armed with determination and fueled by intuition, Krazy Dazie dove headfirst into creating mixes on Ableton, each session a journey guided by the rhythms and melodies that spoke to her soul.

Where are you from and when did you first show an interest in art?

I first felt the spark of creation when I witnessed others living out my dream, inspiring me to believe that I could do the same. My passion for music has been ingrained in me since childhood, a gift I’ve always cherished. However, it was a pivotal moment during my 18th birthday party when a friend DJed and ignited a fire within me. From then on, I eagerly sought any opportunity to learn, spending countless hours at my friend’s house absorbing every tip and trick he shared. Despite not owning a mixing board at the time, I dove headfirst into creating mixes on Ableton, driven purely by the emotion and intuition of the music. Those early days were a whirlwind of exploration and experimentation, each session a journey guided by the rhythms and melodies that resonated with me deeply.

Art for art’s sake or art for food on the table? Is your family supportive in your decision to become an artist?

In the beginning, I was all about creating art simply for the love of it. It was my passion, my escape—pure art for art’s sake. But as time went on, I started seeing the bigger picture. I realized that what I was creating had value, not just in terms of personal fulfillment, but also as a potential career path. It was like a lightbulb moment when I understood that my art could actually put food on the table.

Making that transition from pure passion to professional pursuit was a game-changer for me. Suddenly, I wasn’t just painting or spinning beats for fun; I was acknowledging the power and potential of my craft in the wider world. Sure, I still pour my heart and soul into every piece I create, but now I also recognize the importance of making a living from what I love.

And as for my family, well, let’s just say they weren’t exactly jumping for joy when I first told them I wanted to pursue art as a career. They had their doubts, understandably so. But as they watched me pour my blood, sweat, and tears into my work, their skepticism slowly turned into support. It was like they finally saw what I saw—that this wasn’t just a pipe dream, but a real, viable path for me.

The real turning point came when I landed my first gig. Seeing their pride and excitement in the crowd that night—it was everything. It showed me that not only had I made the right decision for myself, but that I also had the unwavering support of my family behind me. Their belief in me has been my rock ever since, pushing me to keep chasing my dreams, no matter what obstacles come my way.

What connects you to your peers who make similar types of art? What do you think sets you apart?

For me, connecting with fellow creatives who share my passion is like finding a second family, a community where I feel truly at home. It’s not just about the music we create together; it’s about the bond we share, the experiences we exchange, and the endless well of inspiration we draw from each other.

Growing up, I always felt like I marched to the beat of my own drum. My quirks and eccentricities weren’t something to hide but something to celebrate. That spirit of individuality has always fueled my artistic journey. I’ve never been afraid to push boundaries, to explore new sounds and genres, even if it means straying from the familiar path.

What sets me apart, I believe, is my unyielding commitment to authenticity. I don’t create to fit into a mold or follow trends; I create to express myself, to invite others into my world and share something meaningful with them. Being a curator of experiences is how I see myself—constantly seeking to inspire and be inspired, to spark creativity in others just as I’ve been inspired on my own journey.

So, while I cherish the camaraderie of my peers, it’s this genuine desire to express myself fearlessly that truly sets me apart in the ever-evolving world of creative expression.

Describe your art in 3 words.  Now describe yourself in 3 words.

Describing my work in three words: Authentic, Inspirational, Boundary-pushing.
Describing myself as an artist in three words: Fearless, Individualistic, Innovative.

What are some of the current projects keeping you busy? How many unfinished works do you have in the vault at this very moment?

Currently, I’m fully immersed in crafting my EP. It’s a project that’s been simmering for a while, and I’m determined to give it the time and attention it deserves. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I’ve been careful not to rush the process. However, I’ll admit that my tendency to procrastinate can sometimes make things drag on longer than intended.

Regarding unfinished works in my collection, let’s just say there’s quite a few. I tend to have multiple projects in various stages of completion at any given time. It’s all part of my creative process—exploring different ideas, experimenting with sounds, and allowing things to evolve naturally. While some might perceive this as a challenge, I view it as a testament to my ever-evolving artistic journey. Additionally, I’m thrilled about an upcoming gig in San Francisco, along with an ongoing documentary project. Over the summer, I’ll be hosting events, and I have several unreleased mashups and flips in the pipeline that I’m excited to share soon.

What does “success” look like for you as an artist? Do you have any dream collaborations?

Success, for me as an artist, encompasses a multifaceted vision that extends beyond mere financial prosperity. While the ability to sustain myself through my passion is undoubtedly a significant aspect, true success is defined by a deeper sense of fulfillment and impact.

First and foremost, it’s about waking up every day and feeling an overwhelming sense of joy and purpose knowing that I get to do what I love as my full-time job. It’s about having the freedom to explore the world, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and experiences, and infusing that richness into my artistry.

Success also means being a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others. Whether it’s through my music, my actions, or my platform, I aspire to inspire and uplift those around me. I want to be a mentor and a role model, particularly for aspiring DJs, especially females in the industry, offering guidance, support, and opportunities for growth.

Moreover, success entails giving back to the community that has supported me on my journey. Whether it’s through charitable initiatives, educational programs, or simply lending a helping hand to those in need, I want to use my platform and resources to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Ultimately, success, for me, is about aligning my artistic pursuits with my higher purpose, ensuring that every endeavor I undertake contributes positively to the world. It’s about living a life of significance, where my passion, my profession, and my purpose converge to create a legacy that transcends mere material wealth. I have such a long list of DJs I wanna collab with and DJ alongside on stage.

My goal is alignment with Higher Purpose: to align your artistic pursuits with a higher purpose, ensuring that each project contributes positively to the world. I aim to live a life of significance, where my passion, profession, and purpose converge to create a lasting legacy beyond material wealth.

Do you have any habits that help or hinder your progression as an artist? What are some of your biggest challenges?

As an artist, I’ve noticed both habits that aid and hinder my progression. On one hand, my commitment to exploration and experimentation fuels my creativity and allows me to push artistic boundaries. I thrive in environments where I can freely express myself and draw inspiration from diverse sources, fostering growth and innovation in my work.

However, I also struggle with procrastination, often stemming from fear and self-doubt. There are moments when I become my own worst enemy, battling against the doubts and insecurities that plague my mind. This inner conflict can impede my productivity and hinder my ability to fully realize my creative vision.

One of my biggest challenges as an artist is navigating the complexities of being neurodivergent in a demanding industry. The music industry, with its high expectations and intense competition, can be particularly challenging for someone like me. It’s a constant balancing act between managing my neurodiversity and striving for success in an environment that often values conformity over individuality.

Moreover, the pervasive influence of social media adds another layer of pressure, perpetuating the illusion of perfection and amplifying feelings of inadequacy. It’s easy to get caught up in the façade of living our “best lives” online while struggling behind closed doors. It’s so easy to be misunderstood.

Despite these challenges, I’m determined to persevere and carve out my place in the industry. I’m learning to embrace my neurodiversity as a strength rather than a limitation, finding ways to leverage my unique perspective and experiences to fuel my artistic expression. It’s a journey filled with obstacles, but I’m committed to overcoming them and continuing to evolve as an artist.

What do you do when you’re not creating? Do you have a preferred method of escape?

When I’m not fully immersed in the creative process, which feels like a daily ritual for me, I find joy in a variety of activities. One of my passions outside of music is cooking. I’ve cultivated my skills through my own small food business, which has been an enriching experience where I’ve learned invaluable lessons. There’s something deeply satisfying about preparing meals and sharing them with others, as it allows me to nourish both body and soul.

In addition to culinary pursuits, I prioritize maintaining my mental and physical well-being. Whether it’s through meditation, exercise, or simply taking moments for self-care, I recognize the importance of nurturing myself holistically. Staying active has been essential for me—I find solace in moving my body and engaging in activities that energize and rejuvenate me.

But perhaps what brings me the most fulfillment is spending time with my loved ones. Whether it’s quality time with family or cherished moments with friends, being surrounded by those who mean the most to me is truly invaluable. It’s in these connections that I find inspiration, support, and a sense of belonging that fuels my creative spirit even further.

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